Concerned about Investing? You’re not alone!

This recent Financial Times article, "Fund industry 'overpaid by $1,300 billion'," confirms common suspicions: many financial advisors overcharge and provide inaccurate advice. Our mission is to educate small investors, empowering them to make better decisions about investing and distinguishing those advisors who add value from those who destroy it.

This website's focus is on small investors who are at the mercy of unscrupulous players in financial markets. For this reason, we primarily discuss inept or conflicted advisors. In fairness, we recognize that there are many highly skilled and sincere advisorfree webinars who are fully committed to their clients. We seek to work closely with such advisors.

At The Light Brigade we provide free (yes, FREE) education that helps you survive and thrive as an investor. We currently offer free webinars as well as in-house seminars to a variety of organizations. In addition, this site is packed with information about investing and working with and without financial advisors.

We are an independent company dedicated to investing literacy education. WE DON’T SELL FINANCIAL PRODUCTS.

Please join us in one of our free webinars, investing literacy courses, or arrange to have Dr. Yuval Bar-Or deliver an in-house seminar to your organization.arrange inhouse seminarInformation for brokers and advisors

We'd love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and requests so we can make this site even more useful to you. Please join our free mailing list or contact us.

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